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It is my belief that God is the Father of us all. And it is my earnest hope that each of us is on a journey back to where we began: the very heart of God. I am convinced we are, each one of us, FatherBound.

If this be true and not some vain imagining on my part I am not so naive as to believe that it will be welcome news to every ear. Some will heartily agree and be thrilled. Others will hope “to god” that I am dead wrong. There will be those who will think I have gone too far and assert too much.

Like the mentors I claim kinship with—George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, and Michael Phillips—I have no appetite for intellectual debate for the purpose of swaying anyone’s opinion to mirror my own. It is joy I’m after. The joy that runs wild in the heart that realizes that he or she is a living thought of the God of the universe. And that this God is our Father in the fullest expression of the word!

The episodes offered in the podcast will primarily be a mixture of my own writings as well as those of the three men I mentioned earlier: MacDonald, Lewis, and Phillips. My aim is simple: to get you thinking. Really thinking. I'm not troubled by whatever opinions you may come to hold along the way for every earnest thinker who is true will not fail to gain a fitting reward.

I welcome you all! You are just the sort of listeners I desire…


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