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April 24, 2017 @ 4:24 am

Why Crucify Your Son?

There are those dear to me who, in their inquiry into the claims of Christianity, stumble over the idea of a God who would slay his own Son—especially by the agony of crucifixion. And because they are so very dear to me I will do my best to give an answer. Whether or not it proves satisfactory remains questionable for I have sometimes found that objections to Christianity are not always what they seem on the surface but reflect something more deeply rooted. I am also keenly aware how limited our (and my own in particular) insight is into the fathomless wonder of God. As a close friend of mine so succinctly puts it, “All I know from personal experience and investigation is that God is incredibly good, does things with incredible kindness, and intends things only incredibly loving - the rest, to me, is a mystery.” What follows, therefore, is simply my own sense of the question at hand as best I grasp it. 


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