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March 29, 2016 @ 4:18 pm

Salvation from Sin: Seven Startling (Well Maybe) Takeaways

The last several episodes of FatherBound were a sharing of George MacDonald’s Salvation from Sin. I find myself indebted to MacDonald for his insight into God’s character, a witness to the soaring of his unfathomable love that billows to the heights of our imaginations through this wonderful sermon. Of special note are the following:

  1. The first place we must begin in an effort to rid the human race of evil is ourselves. 
  2. Our sinful deeds are but the dead husks of the live sins in our heart.
  3. Jesus came, not to save us from the punishment of our sin, but from sin itself, its presence in us. 
  4. We must agree with God as to our sin and begin to send it away through a choice of our will.
  5. Hell itself is an extension of God’s love and has a redemptive purpose.
  6. When our sin has departed, so shall the punishment.
  7. Salvation lies in faith in the living Christ.

As we touch on each of the above points in turn we will find ample opportunity to think boldly as we encounter ideas that may run counter to those we have held. Mining for precious stones is hard work, the earth clings tightly to her treasures. Let us not shirk the challenge involved in diligent thinking when the ideas presented are unfamiliar. It will be worth the effort!


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